The Curpillos

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The festivity of the Curpillos or “Corpus chico” is one of the most attractive days for the citizens of Burgos. This very traditional and possibly unique day in all of Spain combines the double dimension of the sacred and the profane, in two well-differentiated parts, since in the early hours of the morning etiquette and protocol shine, with religious and military acts. , while the rest of the day takes place the most popular, gastronomic and fun party.

It seems that its origins are in the celebration of the victory of the Christian hosts over the Muslims in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212, although the first notes that we have date from the fourteenth century, after the institution of the solemn feast of Corpus Christi. , under the reign of Alfonso XI.

From then until today this peculiar festival has not ceased to be celebrated in the Las Huelgas neighborhood, which brings together the highest military, religious and civil authorities and, of course, all the people of Burgos, who see it as one of their hallmarks.

The Curpillos is celebrated on the Friday following the Corpus Christi festival and its celebration is inexorably linked to the Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, founded by King Alfonso VIII and his wife Queen Leonor.
< br> The Curpillos has been considered a local party since 1953, although it was only full-time since 1979; Until then, you still had to go to work until twelve noon.


The Gigantillos

The Burgos' Gigantillos are direct descendants of the Gigantillas and of the ancient Tarascas and Tarasquillas that, as we have said, existed since ancient times in the Corpus Christi procession, since they were considered, since such festivity was instituted, inescapably linked to the Day of the Lord in the city of Burgos.

The Gigantones

The Gigantones were born almost at the same time as the Gigantillos and symbolized the different races that populated the world, who came to pay homage to the Blessed Sacrament on the occasion of their most solemn festival, Corpus Christi. Later, little by little, the formal mission, the religious embassy of the Gigantones degenerated and decayed until it became pure entertainment and a reason for popular rejoicing.


Dancers are a group of twelve dancing children under the age of 14 who dress in the style of 16th century court pages. They are accompanied by three other children who are apprentice dancers who help distribute and collect the dance equipment for what they are called "Paleros".


20 de JUNIO

The Parral

The most popular part of El Curpillos takes place in the nearby park of El Parral, located between the Monastery and the Hospital del Rey. It is the traditional pilgrimage or “jira” that takes place after the morning acts in the Las Huelgas neighborhood.

Strongly rooted in tradition, people from Burgos and tourists come to taste the appetizing food, both local and foreign gastronomy, in the booths set up by recreational clubs and regional centers.

For El Parral, the clubs buy more than 5,000 kilos of nose, about 4,000 of black pudding and chorizo, and around more than 2,000 tortillas. Apart from the above, each club offers other food such as paella, grilled mushrooms, squid, prawns, sardines... all at popular prices. All this gastronomic delicacy can be enjoyed even more thanks to a good Ribera del Duero red wine, a beer, soft drinks or even the famous rebujito from the Casa de Andalucia association.

Thanks to the proceeds, these clubs or cultural associations can finance their activities throughout the year, making both Burgos and visitors consume happily throughout the day.

Pig's face, chorizo and black pudding

Only for the day of El Parral, the clubs or cultural associations buy more than 5,000 kilos of morro, about 4,000 of blood sausage and chorizo, and around more than 2,000 tortillas.

About 40 Associations

The nearly forty associations from Burgos have everything perfectly organized to receive the thousands of people from Burgos who come to El Parral park every year to enjoy the day after the procession of El Curpillos.

Ribera del Duero, beer and soft drinks

Ribera del Duero wine, beer or soft drinks are something that cannot be missing on this day of celebration in which thousands of liters of drink are consumed.

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Clubs information

Together they have about 9,400 members. They are distinguished by their blouses and scarves. Others wear regional costumes with elegance and sobriety. Many have a more thematic profile, especially gastronomy, and their objective is to keep alive the traditions and festivals of Burgos and its neighborhoods. In the festivity of The Parral and in the Major Festivals of Burgos they will be protagonists and give color to them.

Festival declared of regional tourist interest. Local holiday.

To talk about the origin of El Curpillos we have to go back to 1212. On that date the victory of the Christian armies over the Muslims in the battle of Navas de Tolosa was celebrated. But it was not until May 22, 1331 when its first celebration is known, under the reign of Alfonso XI.


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